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Aug 8, 2013 5:00pm EDT
for a new year and things will look to friends at school. tim tooten joins us live from perry hall to explain. tim? since as been 340 days student walked into perry hall high school and shot a classmate. new security measures are in place here and across the district. students and errands can expect to see new security measures in place at perry hall high school. from the time they are allowed inside the building and the main office, all county schools have been equipped with a system that will allow staff to match a person's drivers license with a national database. >> it will print a rather large id they can place on their shirts. as you go through the building, it will have the name, the location where they are going, the time they came in. >> the school system has spent $4 million equipping elementary schools with equipment. in some cases, police will be able to monitor cameras. besides the new measures, the school resource officers will continue to use wants where they where they suspect there are problems. those were issued last year after the shooting. they will not change m
Aug 9, 2013 5:00pm EDT
female jogger says she was attacked by a man who tried to knit redneck -- use a red cap to strangle her. >> tonight, people are understandably on edge at johns hopkins. this is because of a recent spate of incidents targeting medical staff. officials are now stepping up security. >> officials with johns hopkins medical center acknowledge that there have been a number of robberies and an assault in the last couple of weeks in off- campus areas. they tell us now they are going to do all they can to keep residents around here safe, and employees, by beefing up security and taking other measures. there is no doubt about it, the hopkins medical campus in east baltimore is expanding by leaps and bounds. of that growth, there are now renewed concerns about safety. >> i had heard about incidents, but i have not seen or heard anything personally. weeks,he past couple of three off-campus incidents have raised concern, including a cell phone theft, a robbery, and an assault. were warneds through e-mail. >> i have never had any problem and i see security around quite a bit. i have never had any pro
Aug 23, 2013 5:00pm EDT
's the number one thing that kills us. so wear your red for acknowledgement of that. women, it's important for each and every one of us to empower each other, take charge of our health. then my super bowl jacket actually is -- now, look, i know that the 49ers and i know that the ravens are playing in new orleans on sunday? but i also know that next year the super bowl is in new jersey so my -- i've already shared this with you. i'm on the super bowl committee and all the festivities leading up to it next year in jersey. so this is the jacket from that. do we have 49ers fans here today? do we have baltimore ravens fans here told? do we have any beyonce fans here today? that's what i say. i mean, i can't wait for beyonce's intermission performance it's going to be really good. she's been posting pictures on her web site. first of all, suzanne, why couldn't you wear that? i mean, look at your outfit and look at beyonce's outfit. boy, i would have loved to have worn some of those shorts. good intermission outfit. anyway, beyonce -- great outfit -- she's already posted some of her rehearsal on
Aug 20, 2013 5:00pm EDT
well, the more interesting thing was what he reminded us about his personal life. he said, last year this time i was an insurance agent and then i went to be on "the bachelor." and now "dancing with the stars." his life in the last 12 months has totally turned around. and like most of us, when we get sent home, even though we are sad and relieved, here's what sean said. >> earlier you spoke if it was your last night, it might be somewhat soft a relief, but how much have you enjoyed this experience? >> i have enjoyed everymoment. i am truly blessed to take pt in this. i still am just a normal guy from dallas. what an incredible opportunity. >> wendy: good for him. you know, we haven't talked about kanye west and his appearance. there's so much lemon in my tea, it is so good today. kanye west did his performance at the met gala. he didn't just go there with kim but jumped on stage. he was supposed to be performing and they wanted a hodgepodge of kanye's songs, but according to "the new york post" he ignored them by singing all his favorites instead of giving them what they wanted.
Aug 22, 2013 5:00pm EDT
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Aug 21, 2013 5:00pm EDT
on her? like -- doesn't everybody appreciate a good come up story? she just entertained us. she came off the stripper pole and into our hearts. and like -- i know that sometimes people think that the only ople who dserve to the cover story for something that successful are people who got harvard degrees, well welcome to 2012 where success comes in many forms. and she does deserve to be on that cover. it is very gauche, and but inside the magazine, she's talking about life, and r marriage to greg, and she and greg actually -- she gave us a little tidbit, i didn't know they were officially back together. you couldn't tell that from the first episode. she said greg needed to feel what it was like without me. i wanted to let him see if the grass was really greener on the other side. he brought his butt back because the grass is own over there. that nene, so that's what's going on on the outside, also on the power list, michelle and barack obama, beyonce and jay-z, and me. so pick up your copy asap. so let's go to another story. halle berry is on the german version of "interview" magazine. sh
Aug 16, 2013 5:00pm EDT
a twitter party. you can join me and my glam squad as we dish on red carpet fashions, you tweet us back. it starts at 8:30 p.m. eastern time. it's fun. and -- what, 6:30? 6:30. sorry. 6:30 eastern time. and use hash tag wendy red carpet and join the conversation. it's a lot of fun. [ cheers and applause ] and then on monday you'll want to tune into our show because we'll have our special red carpet fashion panel to break down the hits and the misses and what were they thinking. i know. so, you know, here on the show i like to think we all have a special place in our heart for fantasia barino. so fantasia is furious with jet magazine and she wants them to apologize to her. you see, fantasia is the latest cover girl on "jet" magazine, and that's the cover. that picture is not a recent picture. that's not the one she wanted on the cover. so she got on instagram and wrote "false" all over the cover. i know. i know. i know. with "jet", i know, household name. here's what she said. she said, this saddens me. it is clear that this picture is ten years old and "jet" magazine put it's on the cov
Aug 19, 2013 5:00pm EDT
a celebrity. so we hit the streets to prove it. take a look. >> how you doin'? i used to get justin bieber in his baby area. >> everyone says i look like elaine fromçó seinfeld. >> people always tell me i look like megan fox. >> they tell me i look like robert pattinson. >> some people tell me i look like flavor flav. >> how you doing? people tell me i look like prince. >> people always tell me iñ loo like lendy kravitz. >> chris hemsworth. >> people tell me i look like snooki. >> sometimes people tell me i look like martin lawrence. >> joe mangonelo, true blood or magic mike. >> hugh jackson. >> some people tell me i look like amanda bynes. >> that is celebrity look alike. the street edition. i'm excited this september, tv guide network will air a behind the scenes look at me preparing for my big trip to broadway. you know, i'm on broadway in "chicago" until august 11th and the special is going to be airing in november, tv guide. it's behind the scenes, a lot of shenanigans is going on. it's a docu-series. there, it's a docuspecial. i'm told my broadway family in "chicago" sent along a
Aug 7, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. the defense use cross- examination to lay the groundwork for the confession but it was illegally obtained and they try to establish a motive that includes depression and posttraumatic stress. >> another story if we been closely monitoring, the berber -- murder christine jared by her husband. right now he will face a sentencing hearing tomorrow morning. the jury found him guilty of second-degree murder back in 1991 and burying her body in the backyard. he faces up to 30 years in prison. >> fire officials are working to determine what sparked an early morning fire in middle river. crews spent hours on the scene on eastern boulevard where the fire quickly escalated with to alarms with flame so intense fire fighters had to evacuate the building. the building also houses apartments. fire officials say people were inside at the time but everyone made it out safely. total damage estimated at half a million dollars. temperatures a little bit warmer today. climbing into the low 80's around the metro area. upper 70's out towards parked in. showers continuing to develop over the city. -- upper 70's
Aug 12, 2013 5:00pm EDT
that incarceration is used to punish, the terror, and rehabilitate, but not merely to warehouse and forget. he proposed changing the guidelines for drugs, so that not a fan -- non-violent offenders who have no ties to gains, cartels, or other large- scale organizations will no longer face mandatory sentences. >> they will now charge -- be charged with offenses that are better suited to their individual conduct, rather than prison terms for violent criminals or kingpins. >> the 19,000 inmates now in federal prison, 47% are serving time for drug-related crimes. >> sentences can be applied too liberally. >> but critics say that the price of doing business has gone down. >> if the price of doing business goes down, that will provide me with an incentive to do more business. because after all, the legal risks that i was beat -- that i was crise the facing have been tamped down. >> and critics say nonviolent drug offenders can still be harmful to society. >> a warm august afternoon all around the of -- the baltimore area. caroline county had 86. frederick at 84. clouds will be moving in tonight. one
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10